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G2Y Houseboat Hire - Terms and conditions of hire

This is an abridged list of the terms and conditions of hire. When you make a houseboat booking we'll send you the terms and conditions applicable to your hire. We reserve the right to add, remove or amend any of our general terms and conditions for specific hires and/or hire groups. In the event of any discrepancy between the information on this page and the terms and conditions we give to individual hires, the terms and conditions we give to individual hires will take precedence.

General Hire Terms and Conditions

Hire Rate

The Hire Rate is the amount calculated by our online booking system and comprises a charter fee in addition to the nightly fee.

If a booking includes nights in different seasons, the Hire Rate will be a combination of seasonal rates and will be an amount that is not shown in our published price list.

The Hire Rate does not include other amount hirers may have to pay, such as engine usage fees or late return fees.


A $300 deposit is required on all bookings before the booking is confirmed. 

For online bookings, the deposit must be paid by Visa or Mastercard at the time of the booking.  For all other bookings, the deposit must be paid within 7 days using any of our accepted payment methods.

Full payment of the Hire Rate must be paid at least

  • 60 days before the hire commences for Christmas, New Year and peak season bookings; or

  • 30 days before the hire commences for all other bookings.

Security Bond

A security bond of $1,000 is payable prior to a hire commencing. The security bond, less any amounts payable such as fuel cost and late return charge will generally be returned at the conclusion of the hire.


We reserve the right to:

  • increase the bond for bucks partys, 21st birthdays or generally what we consider to be a high risk crew, the bond will be up to $500 per Berth on the boat.

  • If any of your crew members are not boarding at the G2Y base, we will assume it is the above and a $500 per berth bond will be required.

Departure and Return Times

All hires commence at 1pm on the first day of hire and conclude at 10am on the last day of hire.

Any change to these times must be agreed with G2Y management in advance.


Cancellation requests must be in writing. 


If a cancellation request is received 30 days or more before the hire commencement date ( 60 days before the hire commencement date for peak season bookings) a cancellation administrative fee of $100 applies. The balance of the Lessees deposit will be refunded.


 If a cancellation request is received less than 30 days before the hire commencement date ( less than 60 days before the hire commencement date for peak season bookings) no refund will be made unless a replacement booking can be obtained at the advertised rate.

Equipment Failure

If G2Y can't provide the hired vessel to the hirer due to equipment failure, the booking will be cancelled and all payments made by the hirer will be refunded.  The hirer agrees not to hold G2Y liable for any losses the hirer incurs as a result of such cancellation.


This clause of the terms and conditions contains provisions that G2Y and its employees and agents act in good faith and are indemnified from liability for losses suffered by the hirer.  You should carefully read this section of the terms and conditions provided at the time of hire.

Other Important Conditions

  • The hirer must be at least 21 years old and hold an Australian drivers licence.

  • The vessel must be kept on the Clarence River between Rogan's Bridge downstream and Harwood Bridge upstream.

  • The hirer must follow established navigation rules and not attempt to navigate in water less than 1m deep.

  • The hirer must not bring pets, firearms, fireworks, spear guns, beer kegs or generators onto the vessel.

  • The hirer must not attempt to navigate between sunset and sunrise and ensure that it is securely anchored during these times.

  • The hirer must notify G2Y as soon as possible of any malfunction to the vessel or equipment. 

  • The Harwood Bridge is the end of the cruising area for ALL of our house boats; you are NOT ALLOWED to go past the Harwood Bridge. The waters past this point are subject to strong tidal flow and can be dangerous for the novice skipper.

Other amounts you may have to pay

Engine usage charge ( fuel)

  • charged per engine hour according to the meter on the vessel at the rate specified in the published price list

Late return fee

  • $100 for each hour (or part thereof) vessel is returned after 10am without the prior agreement of G2Y

Equipment damage

  • up to the value of the security deposit for damage caused while following the briefing instructions

  • the full value of repairs for damage caused wilfuly, negligently, or while not following the briefing instructions

Excess cleaning fee

  • $100/hr

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