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Your G2Y houseboat holiday can be anything you want it to be; exciting or peaceful, intimate or exuberant, energetic or relaxing.  On this page we'll inspire you with some ideas, or you can talk to us about your own ideas, and we'll do all we can to make sure the time you spend with us is enjoyable, memorable and hassle-free.

But first, some safety information.  Click the map below to see where on the Clarence River you are (and are not) allowed to take our houseboats, and details of safe anchorage spots.

Fishing trip

Whether you're a family that enjoys fishing and crabbing occasionally with the kids, or a group of mates whose life wouldn't be complete without fishing, houseboats on the Clarence are perfect for you. Our magnificent river provides some of the most exceptional fishing in NSW, particularly during winter.  Supplies of fish will vary with river and sea conditions, notably how much fresh water there is, and whether there has been a flood. Seasons will also make a difference, but if you are prepared to move with the fish, good catches can be found in many parts of the estuary. Throughout the river system ... fish most commonly caught are bream, blackfish, flathead, perch and whiting."

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Bring your golf clubs

Maclean Golf Club and Lawrence Golf and Sports Club are both offering deals for G2Y Houseboat customers.


Maclean Golf Club is well known for its friendly atmosphere and offers a very warm welcome to visitors. Come and take the challenge today. Call 02 6645 2183 to book and, with prior notice, you can get a pick up from the Maclean jetty.

Click the picture to visit their website.

Lawrence Golf and Sports Club will pick you up by prior arrangement from the Lawrence jetty and their deals vary from time to time.  Tell them you're a G2Y customer when you book to take advantage of their current deal. You're also welcome to join the member competion for ladies on Saturdays and men on Sundays.  Click the picture for more details.

Romantic getaway

There's no better place to get away from it all and spend some quality time with your special person.  Whether it's your honeymoon, your anniversary or just an intimate weekend, our houseboats and beautiful river can cater to your needs.  There's no end of tranquil spots where you can put out the anchor and spend your holiday without seeing or hearing anybody for days at a time; or you can travel up and down the river experiencing the historical charm and culinary delights of the many towns and villages.

Just tell us what you need and the G2Y crew will do everything they can to make sure your getaway is as special as you want it to be. 


If you're looking for somewhere special to have your birthday party, Christmas party, engagement party, divorce party, Tupperware party ... in fact, any kind of party ... our houseboats are a great choice.  All of our houseboats are designed for entertaining and are licensed for twelve passengers during the day regardless of how many berths they're licensed for at night.  The party can come to the boat, or the boat can go to the party. 

If you tell us what you need, we can decorate to suit and our we can supply your ice and refreshments to the boat before you even arrive.

More than twelve people?  No problem - talk to us about a multi-boat deal.

Something else?

Talk to us about your requirements.  Maybe you're a family who wants some together time, or maybe you just want to escape the rat race and get some peace to relax for a few days, or maybe you're a business that wants a unique accommodation experience for your client.  Whatever you need, talk to our friendly crew and they'll make sure you have the right boat for your occasion.

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